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Filmmaker . Director .

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Olivier is a French director and writer he lives between New York, South America and Europe. He started his carrier as a first AD for Luc Besson Productions. Being french and living in South America for 8 years he has develop and interesting mixture between the latin american  and the european culture  in his work, he has the best of two worlds, he is capable to discover something special in every character or location and  adds value to his histories.  He has a native naked eye. Olivier is very intuitive, creative and versatile, he has a very special and natural concept of aesthetics and everyday slice of life time at the same time. His images are really beautiful, fresh, simple and powerful. He takes care of every detail. Hourton achieves the most endearing characters, handles subtle humor and has an amazing skill to tell stories. Olivier likes to create on set, he likes to frame himself,  he quotes: “ the creative process never ends”. 

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